Monday, July 27, 2015

Use and storage cooker properly

Currently on the market, there are many brands cooker different from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand…, but basically be classified into two main types: the pressure cooker and pressure cooker carefully Digital. The following information will help you towards population classification, use and storage of pressure cooker properly.

Classification: The Pressure cooker

As a kind of pot-break relays, appeared on the market since the early days, the principle of operation is based on mechanically when the temperature reaches a certain temperature about 102 degrees C, the relay will switch itself off and to keep warm functions.

Type 2 only pot cook and keep warm function normally, so that our price is cheaper, ranging from 50 to $150, and of course also higher product prices depending on the manufacturer and capacity pot.

Classification, use and storage cooker properly 1

Digital Pressure cooker or electronic pressure cooker (it is also known as), capable of self-regulation by an electronic chip has been installed cooking programs. The adjustments and settings are displayed through an LCD screen, so that in addition to the cooking pot functions digital can be used to cook sticky rice, porridge, stew or baking, frying. The average price of the best electric pressure cooker for about $ 100, and also the more advanced product with more expensive depending on the functionality used.

Classification, use and storage cooker properly 2

Use Pressure cooker

Do not wash the rice directly in the pot because it may scratch the coating inner pot or distort due to collisions. As such, the possibility of contact between the wheels saucepan heat is not good, leading to uneven ripening rice or susceptible to burning.

Dry the water around the outside of the pot before putting them in the pot to heat and to keep a clean plate heat sensor, and avoid cries “slapping” as well as burning heat when foreign objects into the heat plate. Do not use a hand to the pan to cook the pot. This can damage the relay because of pot pan slightly concave bottom design so easy to put in a hand that does not fit relay contact leads to uneven ripening rice. So when placing pots, so rotate left or right to cycle through the relay contacts are with bottom pan, then cook the rice will not be awkward. Each has a pressure cooker vent on the lid, avoid excessive heat accumulation, so to keep the hole open.

Preservation Pressure cooker

Use or not to use a pressure cooker should in a well-ventilated area, and on a dry level surface. Do not use plugs with common household items other than increasing or decreasing voltage can lead to erratic electric fire equipment.

Use a soft cloth to clean the pot shell, to avoid falling into the water wheel power. Do not use hard objects to scratch the pot for easy cleaning scratching the coating on the inside. With the application of the cooker can be used to boil vegetables, stew or soup, but do not stir the pot will feed for perishable relays due to constant interruption.

Pressure cooker fire but often do not create more users choose to turn on the “Cook” to fire several times, the work has also contributed to reducing the pot life, is cause operation of permanent magnet power wheels in turn relays that are not accurate.
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